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Faq Categories: general

What are some examples of permitted end products?

  • Am 23. Mai 2016
You can buy a web template, add your text and images, and use it as your website. You can buy an HTML site template, convert it to WordPress, and use it as your website (but not as a stock template for sale). You can buy a flyer template, modify the text, print a flyer, and […]

What does non-exclusive mean?

  • Am 23. Mai 2016
Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the item. Others will also be licensing and using the same item.

Am I allowed to modify the item that I purchased?

  • Am 23. Mai 2016
Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product. Example: You could change the colors, text, and layout of a flyer template or convert an HTML template into a WordPress theme for a single client.

What do you mean by item and end product?

  • Am 23. Mai 2016
The item is what you purchase from Envato Market. The end product is what you build with that item. Example: The item is a business card template; the end product is the finalized business card. The item is a button graphic; the end product is an app using the button graphic in the app’s interface.